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Sven Libaek / Misty Canyon

Votary Records present a 45 lifted from the classic Peer library album "My Thing".

Long regarded as one of the grail LPs of Library music collecting, My Thing has developed a strong following partly due to the infamous down-tempo tune Misty Canyon. This much coveted tune has long been a favourite amongst library compilers and producers a like.

Surely once considered a throwaway piece of stock music, it has since developed a unique presence in the Library scene due to its tough lethargic groove featuring droning trombone and shimmering vibraphone played Australian jazz musicians Bob McIvor (Charlie Munro Quartet) and the versatile John Sangster respectively (Don Burrows Quartet/John Sangster Underground Band).

The B-side Soul Thing is also taken from the My Thing album. Again heavy Fender bass, trombone and vibes jostle for dominance in this funky workout that offers the same warm and infectious Libaek sound similar to that of the legendary Inner Space and Solar Flares recordings.

• 45 take from the legendary Peer library LP My Thing
• The track Misty Canyon famously sampled by Danger Doom.

CAT# - VOT00845
2 Track 7 inch single