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John Sangster / Marinetti OST

To celebrate the 40th anniversary screening of the UBU film Marinetti, the music by John Sangster is finally seeing a soundtrack release.

Drawing heavily from French Musique Concrete as well as the Avant Garde of Sun Ra and reminiscent of Worlds Within Worlds-era Basil Kirchin, Sangster creates a whirling mass of psychedelic mayhem. Marinetti is an amazing and rare insight into the Sydney underground of the late 60s.
Twisted jazz and field recording fused with primitive sampling & film dialogue; all echo the motley sound of the acid-stained Down Underground.

* Previously unreleased psychedelic Avant Garde-jazz soundtrack
* Featuring Members of Ian Carr’s Nucleus and Australian psychedelic legends Tully

3 Track FULL CD
UPC 9336043005018